Maternity Magic

One of our coaching specialty offerings

You are Possible offers a proven “Maternity Magic” Executive Advisory program that focuses on this critical life-stage of many women’s development because:

  • It’s a crescendo of work-life balance stressors
  • Most employers offer generous “leave” but little guidance
  • Most employers don’t offer much advice, and when they do:
    • they are, by definition, biased
    • and very few have the expertise (or capacity)

Our programs help optimize ramp up/down and off-time, increasing productivity, satisfaction, connectivity, and retention.


“Executive Advisory”

Expands beyond traditional “coaching” to include two critical organization-specific elements:

  • Environment: Understanding the organization, role, and “water in which we swim”
  • Action: Practical strategies and tactics for “what to do tomorrow

Delivering quality impact fast demands “coaching” support that is not context-agnostic

A typical Maternity Magic Zoom discussion flow (10 sessions):

1. Pre-maternity leave (~4 sessions)

  • Understanding the context
  • Exploring YOU and your possibilities
  • Defining purpose, goals and priorities
  • Taking pre-emptive and in-leave actions

2. During maternity leave (~2 sessions)

  • Mid-point check-in
  • Re-entry plan confirmation

3. Upon re-entry (~4 sessions)

  • Sounding board, looking in the mirror, addressing challenges & opportunities, etc.

“Off-zoom” behind the scenes support

  • Incoming assessments (e.g., Essential Positive Quality, Levels of Adult Development, Current and Deeper Narratives)
  • Distillations from existing client and 360-feedback
  • Enneagram assessment (behavioral whys)
  • Personal Maternity Development Plan

and as-needed incoming calls “24/7”


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