Exploring Gender Inclusion And Support (DEI)

With our approach to DEI, we empower women, and the men who support them, in fast-paced, complex business environments.

We believe that women …

  • Have more female energy than male energy
  • Encounter different life-style and life-stage stressors
  • Place higher value on flexibility, affiliation and sustainability
  • Resonate differently to corporate attraction and development programs
  • Aspire to a broader range of leadership styles and role-models
  • Discount praise and lowball their own abilities
  • Have lower self-confidence and under-advocate for their own ideas
  • Be more reluctant to contribute to group (especially men-only) discussions
  • Share more openly in women-only settings
  • Be subject to gender micro-biases

… and we believe that men:

  • Want to support their women colleagues, friends and family members
  • Are generally familiar with, and aligned with, DEI efforts
  • Yet are unsure about what they can “do” to be supportive and inclusive
  • And tend to stand far-back from “the line,” hesitant to have open discussion for fear of being “politically incorrect”

We speak to different audiences:




Gender Micro-Bias

Exploring Gender
Inclusion & Support


In a variety of formats:

  • Live and/or zoom
  • 1, 2, or ½ day sessions
  • All-hands, by cohort or affinity group
  • One-off, or monthly series
  • Formal meetings, brown-bag lunches or after-work gatherings

Our focus is on micro-biases and inclusion influencers, rather than overt discrimination

All discussion topics are jointly customized to be the most relevant to your business environment, culture, and audience

Sample Agenda

Exploring Gender Inclusion & Support

  • It’s OK, we all have it (biases)
  • Women are different
  • Stereotyping is good for us (really!)
  • Gender bias is real and subtle
  • Everyday interactions count (group discussions)
  • Taking action
  • Calling it out
  • Commitment vs. compliance
  • Deciding for yourself
  • One thing you will do

Example Topics from "Everyday interactions count (group discussions)"

Each topic is one of 50+ “situations,”

  • “What” happens
  • “Why” it happens
  • “Options” for action

Some example topics:

  • “This parent keeps asking to leave in the middle of the day but …”
  • “Our team events seem focused on things men prefer but …”
  • “I want to tell my colleague to dress more formally but …”
  • “I think they were put on the engagement as a token representative but..”
  • “I’d rather mentor people who remind me of myself but…”
  • “My Director places a lot of value on being there live but …”
  • “I keep telling my direct report to speak up more in meetings but …”
  • “My colleague says they’d rather hire single men but …”
  • “People seem to interrupt certain members of the team but ….”
  • “Someone said that now she’s back from maternity leave it will be a challenge but…”

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