Executive Coaching

Unleash the power of YOU!

Welcome to your haven,

a safe space for executive women leaders with big aspirations.


I invite you to awaken your power; to be vulnerable and share, to discover and act passionately; to reconnect with yourself and what matters.

With gentle guidance from a fellow female executive who has learned from experience how to navigate hurdles and thrive in fast-paced, complex environments.

I invite you to forge your own Transformational Change journey

— For yourself, your family, your teams, and the world.

For those, you love, including yourself.

Life has many stressors and we can all use a little support

At Work...

Work-Life Cycle

  • On-boarding Acceleration
  • Forging Career Paths
  • Executive Leadership Presence
  • Stretch-Role Strength
  • Smooth Exits

Development Challenges

  • Tough Feedback
  • Development Gaps
  • Learning from Failure
  • Problematic People

Work Environment

  • New Work World (Hybrid, Work From Home)
  • Re-Org Chaos
  • Stagnating Environments
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


  • Maternity Magic
  • Retirement Reimagined

...and outside of work

  • Purpose, meaning
  • Communities, belonging
  • Families, parenting
  • Deaths, births
  • Health scares, worries
  • Break-ups, new relationships
  • Feeling stuck, feeling inspired
  • The New World (Covid, Isolation, Injustices, DEI)

We offer COACHING on many work-related topics

Traditional Challenges

Employee Lifecycle

On-Boarding Acceleration

Stretch-Role Strength

Learning To Lead

CEO Power

Smooth Exits

Development Challenges

Executive Leadership Presence

Tough Feedback & Learning from Failure

Leading Effective Teams

Brand YOU

Problematic People

Work Environment

New Work World
(Hybrid, Work From Home)

Re-Org Chaos

Stagnating Environments

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Gender Bias


Maternity Magic

Parental Pivot


Retirement Reimagined

Executive Advisory (aka "Executive Coaching") 3 critical components


Heartland of traditional "executive coaches" and psychologists

  • Personality types
  • Leadership styles
  • Behavioral change
  • Development journeys

They are not typically familiar with your industry, company, role, or action options.

The reality of the organization and "water" in which you operate

  • Vision & Mission
  • Strategy & Goals
  • Culture & Politics
  • Organization Structure
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Team Dynamics
  • Informal Networks

Practical, real-time application through strategy and actions

  • Personal Purpose and Branding
  • Roles, goals, strategy
  • Risk-appropriate testing options to consider
  • What, specifically, to do next (why, where, and when)
  • Recognizing, monitoring, and adjusting

Our Approach to Empowering Women Executive Leaders through COACHING

5 Components Of Our Success

  1. Understand YOU
  2. Understand the ORGANIZATION and ROLE
  3. Discover new TOOLS
  5. Take ACTION

Our typical engagements involve a
10-session commitment over 3-6 months

Our typical engagements span 3-6 months, with 15 hours of support

Interactive Coaching

~10 hours of coaching sessions

  • Each 55-minutes
  • Typically over Zoom
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Weekends and evenings available

Up-front & behind the scenes

~5 hours outside of our coaching sessions

  • Intake assessment
    • Essential Positive Quality
    • 4 Human Domains
    • 6 Streams of Consciousness
    • 10 Ways of Adult Development
    • Current Narrative
    • Deeper Narrative
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Existing client feedback & assessments review
  • Enneagram (behavioral whys) assessment
  • As-needed interim quick-check calls1

1. Clients typically reach out several times for an ad-hoc phone call between sessions with a time-sensitive challenge or question, as needed.


Ikigai (⽣き甲斐, ("a reason for being”)

A Japanese concept referring to having a direction or purpose in life, providing a sense of fulfillment to a person, and towards which they may take actions, giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning.

Balance found between:

  • What you love and are good at (passions and talents); and 
  • What the world (or organization) needs and is willing to pay for  

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I welcome the opportunity to discuss how to
Unleash and Embed the Power of Your People


Anna Minto Executive Advisor & Collaborator,
Founder of Transformational Change & You Are Possible

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